How difficult does it have to be to cut glass bottles? While I am a hands-on, tool-loving kind of woman, I have not had luck with cutting glass.

Based on the amount of bottles that get emptied in our house, I would love to do something with them. (And, no…we don’t need an intervention.) Pendant lights. Drinking glasses. Candles. Guitar slides. One company I found on Etsy, Moonshine Lamp Co., makes some incredible upcycled chandeliers and light fixtures from wine and liquor bottles. Stunning. An example is below. I really want to try something a bit more modest, but I am inspired by the beauty of their work.

Moonshine Lamps pendant lights

Something came through my Facebook timeline recently and I am intrigued. It’s a bottle cutting device made by Bottle Cutting, Inc.—I realize it wouldn’t work with irregularly shaped liquor bottles, but it might simplify basic round bottle cutting. The basic model starts at $50. I’ve probably spent about that much already at various stores for bottle cutting items that have not worked. I’m all about upcycling things, and when you look at how beautiful wine and liquor bottles can be, I’m willing to try and do something productive with the empties….for the sake of the planet.

Anyone out there succeeded at cutting bottles? Please contact me and let me know how you succeeded. Or anyone who has tried the Bottle Cutting device, would like to know about that too.