So this is my first time blogging. As many of my friends already know, I usually have something to say…about a lot of things. But I never really thought I was an authority figure on something that compelled me to want to blog and I don’t consider myself a know-it-all. But then I realized that there are things that are a big part of my life and someone out there might enjoy some of the information I find, or be entertained by my musings…and I have plenty to say. The topics: anything related to grilling and the whole lifestyle surrounding it. Thus, Grate Bites was born.

I will post about things that are in the same world as grilling, such as BBQ, live music (especially the blues), craft brews and bourbons, motorcycles…. I’m not going to pigeon-hole myself. But that’s the general gyst of topics. And let me start off by saying I am not the grilling pro in our household. Oh, no. That distinction belongs to my husband, John. But I am somewhat of a barbecue foodie. Grilled fruit (like pineapple and peaches): hell yeah. Pizza. Fish. Slow-smoked ribs. And all of that washed down with a really hoppy, chilled IPA or some limoncello-spiked sangria. Yum.

Please check back regularly, as I will cover a range of topics that should be interesting, entertaining, and informative. I hope someone out there will enjoy what I have to say, and I look forward to input and advice from readers.

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon!