Julie Fanning

About Julie

Professionally, my background is graphic design and publishing. I am the creative and marketing director for ManGrate, so every day I am immersed in all things related to BBQ/grilling—which is a cool thing!

But in the world of grilling and BBQ there are several peripheral things that relate to my interests: good food; live music (I am a blues vocalist….love me some blues…as well as many other genres of tunage); craft beer, wine and bourbon; sports (especially football, hockey and rugby). So I thought I would have plenty to say, plenty to explore and plenty to share.

I live in the DC area and I’m typically entertaining, making something (I do furniture rehabs as well as make artisan soap), out singing/enjoying live music, or entertaining. You supposedly go through life only once, so I plan to enjoy as much as I can.

Being the social person that I am, feel free to reach out if you have any input, a story idea or just want to say hello.