Today marks the premiere of a very special collaboration between 20 craft breweries in the Northern Virginia area. You see, weeks ago an idea was launched and people in the brewing industry gathered together and donated their time and supplies to help one of their own.

Matt Rose owns Forge Brew Works in Lorton, VA. He and his wife Kerri had tried to conceive a child for some time, and last year they were pretty excited to learn they were expecting. However in her 27th week of pregnancy, they discovered that Kerri had stage four stomach cancer. It was decided to deliver the baby early so they could focus on her fight against the cancer. Their son Lance was born in September.

The local craft beer community heard what Matt and Kerri were facing, so they collectively stepped in to help. On Jan. 7, brewmasters assembled at Fair Winds Brewing Company, also in Lorton, to create a Belgian Pale Ale in honor of Kerri and in the style of brewing that the couple favored. They brewed 30 barrels of “Kerri’s Cure,” which will be available at all 20 participating breweries starting today, Jan. 29. All proceeds are to go directly to the Rose family’s mounting medical bills. This type of cancer doesn’t respond well to chemo, so immunotherapy and other treatments were prescribed and insurance only covers part of the costs.

Sadly, Kerri lost her fight about a week after the collaborative brewing event done in her honor.

There is a gofundme account set up (, and the backstory is written by Kerri herself—as of this morning they are still short of the goal amount needed to help with the medical expenses for her care. Her wishes were that if the amount raised was surpassed, the funds would go into an educational fund that was set up for her son, Lance, after he was born.

This evening I will be at Bad Wolf Brewing Company, to not only support my guitarist who is performing solo, but also to raise a few pints of “Kerri’s Cure” to the memory of a woman who fought hard, and to the legacy of strength and courage she left behind for Matt and Lance.

I realize this is a regional/local effort, and if you are in the NOVA area visit one of the breweries below in the next few days, as I’m sure the kegs will not last past this weekend. If you have the ability to donate, visit the gofundme page…I’m certain it will help.

Participating breweries with Kerri’s Cure on tap: