Albert King. B.B. King. Freddie King. Well my guitarist, Eric, just turned me on to a relatively new musician: Marcus King. Holy crap this kid is good! He’s got solid guitar skills and a bit of a raspy voice (somewhere between Warren Haynes and Johnny Lang, but not as much grit) that stays in pitch. He is currently 18 years old and started playing guitar when he was two. He’s from Greenville, SC, and the band does a blend of blues,  jazz fusion and southern rock.

Their latest album is called “Soul Insight” and is on iTunes and Spotify. I think they’re mostly touring in the south, but hopefully one day they’ll spread their reach and venture across the country.

Check it out:

More info can be found on the band website: Markus King Band

You can also find the band on Facebook, Reverbnation, YouTube and Twitter