Let me say right off the bat: I know nothing about hunting or cooking game meat. That being said, I hear how lean and flavorful venison can be—if prepared properly—and how healthy other meats can be that have lived off the land without any hormones or fillers. Wild boar, goose/duck, squirrel, rabbit, elk have shown up in restaurants for generations (both family style joints to high-end establishments). Generally speaking, game meat is leaner than meat from domesticated animals. However, I’ve read that the fat on game meat may have a slightly stronger taste, so you should remove it before cooking. And slow-cooking is supposed to be the way to go to keep the meat tender.

So now that we are firmly into November I know it’s hunting season and I thought I would do a little research (saving you a bit of time) and compile a list of resources that can give some sound advice on preparing game. Pull up a chair, pour something hearty, pick your meat of choice and….game on!

Petersen’s Hunting

Broken Arrow Ranch

Hunter | Angler | Gardner | Cook  (Game Recipes)

The Meat Eater

Cache Creek Enterprises (Certified Chef Albert Wutsch)