Still trying to fit in my annual pumpkin beer tasting. Have about a dozen different beers in the bar fridge, but haven’t had time. We’ve also had unpredictable weather, which prohibits our “on the patio by the fire” tasting. Hopefully this week.

One thing I will say, however, for anyone in the Northern Virginia area: You have got to try BadWolf Brewing Company’s pumpkin ale. I had some on Sunday (Oct. 5) when I worked their Fall Fest event. Holy crap, is it good. Fruity, but not sweet. Not an overwhelming amount of spices. Very smooth. And cheers to BadWolf for hosting such a great festival. They had 4 other breweries, including a home-brewers club from Victory Lake. Their IPA was delicious, as was the porter.

Octoberfest: It’s Time!

While I typically go for the pumpkin ales first—maybe it’s the need to have something refreshing when we have the occasional warm, Indian Summer days here in the mid-Atlantic—there are a lot of Octoberfest brews available. If anyone has a recommendation, please let me know. Tell me about it, send a pic, whatever. I’ll try to add it to the shopping list.